ZERO WASTE EXPERIENCE | Powered by Impuls Zeeland

During the Zero Waste Experience by Impuls Zeeland, discover innovative applications for residual streams in the food sector. For example, what can you do with residual streams like orange peels and coffee grounds? In an interactive session, we will explore creative solutions, new collaboration opportunities, and focus on Zeeland success stories, including that of Linsie Meijer from Sophyn Greenss. If you are curious about the possibilities of residual streams or think you can contribute, sign up for the Zero Waste Experience.

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TASTE FOR CHANGE EXPERIENCE | Powered by FoodDelta Zeeland

Step into the world of food innovation and taste the future of food in the experience from FoodDelta Zeeland. In this Experience, you’ll taste various future-proof dishes, work with flavors available in the 2050 Food Pyramid, and create healthy choices for diverse consumer profiles from society. This is your unique opportunity to contribute to the menu of the future.

Join the future of food with FoodDelta Zeeland!

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PANEL EXPERIENCE | Powered by Rabobank

Accelerate the food transition by collaborating smarter and strengthening chains. What is needed for this, and who plays which role? Where are the opportunities and what are the challenges? Sign up and get ready for engaging discussions and stimulating insights during the Panel Experience powered by Rabobank. Hear how entrepreneurs and experts view chain strengthening and share your own insights during the interactive Q&A session. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to share your insights and ask burning questions to a diverse panel of experts, each with their own perspective on the food transition. Sign up today!


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HZ FOOD MAZE | Powered by HZ University of Applied Sciences

Curious about what food initiatives HZ University of Applied Sciences has in store for you and how you can collaborate with the students and researchers? Find your way through the HZ Food Maze during Get Unlocked and meet not only the teachers and students of the new Food, Business & Innovation program but also learn about the activities of the research groups Aquaculture in Delta Areas and Marine Biobased Chemie, and the research conducted by the HZ Kenniscentrum Ondernemen en Innoveren. The Work Zone and Nexus will naturally be present to translate your issues into potential collaborations.

Sign up now and collaborate with HZ University of Applied Sciences on the future of food!

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HAS PROTEIN PUZZLE | Powered by HAS Green Academy

How do you view the protein transition? What is needed to solve this complex puzzle? During this engaging experience, you will tackle this issue together with the lectoraat Eiwittransitie in Voeding from HAS Green Academy, other entrepreneurs, students, and professionals. From plant-based protein production to societal acceptance and the role of companies in this transition, this inspiring experience allows us to share knowledge and contemplate solutions. Together, we can accelerate this transition.

Sign up now for this experience!

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CHALLENGE GAME | Powered by Dockwize

The Dockwize Challenge Game challenges you to come up with solutions for real issues faced by food entrepreneurs in Zeeland within 45 minutes. In various rounds, you will get acquainted with Dockwize’s challenge methodology and use your knowledge to develop innovative solutions. Which food issues will you tackle? We’ll keep that a secret for now.

Let yourself be challenged and discover the power of collaboration and innovation in the Dockwize Challenge Game! Sign up and show what you can do for food entrepreneurs in Zeeland.


Sign up for Get Unlocked | The Food Edition! When you register, you can indicate three preferences for Experiences, and we will ensure that you can participate in two of these experiences.

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