From E-Mobility to a vibrant location as a living lab

About 4 years ago, the E-Mobility Park was built with the aim of creating a location for shared cars. The initiative came from the Stichting Duurzame Mobiliteit Zeeland (Foundation for Sustainable Mobility Zeeland).


The foundation’s ambition was to offer shared cars throughout Zeeland. From the start, CZAV Mobility Group has been a partner in providing charging stations with AgriSnellaad at this location. The project and foundation no longer exist, so the location became available and was to be cleared. CZAV thought this was a shame, given all the ambitions at the Kenniswerf, and seized the opportunity. The goal? To transform the E-Mobility Park into a bustling location for charging cars, shared mobility, and working with students and companies in the area. Roel Clement, who works at CZAV, tells us more.


“CZAV Mobility Group consists of three companies: CZAV fuels, AgriSneltank, and AgriSnellaad. The latter is the youngest company and has existed for about 6 years. AgriSnellaad operates charging infrastructure, meaning charging stations for electric transport. I am glad that there is a lot of attention for mobility and energy at the Kenniswerf. I think our activity fits in very well with this. The E-Mobility Park is a special location due to its unique construction. The materials and construction are circular. If it ever needs to be removed, we can reuse the materials. In addition, it is a location where both energy is supplied and generated.”

Collaboration with students

“We would like to find moments in the coming period to visit the location together with students. We can combine theory and practice by giving a guest lecture on charging infrastructure and then going to the location to show what it looks like. For example, opening up the street to find a cable or showing the inside of a charging station. At the same time, we can show students at this location that sustainable mobility is a very interesting field, and we hope to enthuse them.”

Boost the Grid Challenge

“As AgriSnellaad, we are involved in Dockwize’s Boost the Grid Challenge. This challenge seeks solutions to the problem of grid congestion. This involves storing energy from solar panels and using it for charging stations. Both charging and discharging cars, bidirectional charging. It also involves controlling power output from the charging station. To test this, we want to use this location so we can roll it out from there when we have a good solution.

There are 5 poles, so if we test with 3, we still have 2 available for someone who wants to charge. The idea is to turn it into a real lab, a Smart Energy & Charging Lab. ‘Smart Energy’ stands for quickly generating energy and using it intelligently. ‘Charging’ stands for the charging infrastructure combined with energy.”

Future as Smart Energy & Charging Lab

“We hope that, during the time we rent the place, we can contribute to the sustainability of mobility at the Kenniswerf. It would be great if this can happen at this location and together with students. I hope that in the future it will be a thriving location with a lot going on and that this is also visible. That we can say it is a location with all facilities, from large to small, where all parties at the Kenniswerf have been involved.”

This article was first published on March 8, 2023, on the Kenniswerf website.


On June 15, the final event of the Boost the Grid Challenge will take place at Dockwize. Will you be there?



Jeroen van Oijen

Program Manager