The Changemakers Pavilion is the meeting place for creators, innovators, and visionaries in the field of sustainability and energy transition during the Get Unlocked innovation event. Here you will find various startups, scale-ups, and innovative companies presenting their products and services. This is the ideal opportunity to gather new ideas, network, and engage in conversation with the people behind the innovations.

Are you curious about the latest technologies in the field of energy transition? Or would you like to know more about how you as an entrepreneur can contribute to a sustainable future? The Changemakers Pavilion has something for everyone and is a real recommendation for anyone interested in sustainability and energy transition.

The Changemakers Pavilion can be visited not only during the Experience rounds, but also during the Get Connected networking drink powered by Omexom.

Come by on June 15th and discover the Changemakers Pavilion for yourself! Do you want to make sure you don’t miss anything? Then sign up now for the Get Unlocked Innovation event.


Meet our Changemakers

Gazpack B.V.

Gazpack B.V. is a manufacturer of biogas upgrading systems. We clean biogas by removing Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) and carbon dioxide (CO2). The cleaned biogas, also known as biomethane, can be used as a substitute for the current polluting gas.

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Fieldlab Zephyros

The Airtub program by Fieldlab Zephyros is a groundbreaking program aimed at reducing the costs of offshore wind turbines by optimizing the maintenance of turbine blades. The program focuses on the automated inspection and repair of surface damage and structural degradation of turbine blades, which is crucial for the turbine’s condition and energy yield. By working on the development of a fully autonomous UAV and sensor crawler, the possibility is offered to perform inspection and repair work remotely, reducing the dependency on offshore personnel. The Airtub program will be presented at the Changemakers Pavilion during the Get Unlocked Innovation Event, providing a unique opportunity to learn more about this innovative development.

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At the Changemakers Pavilion, you can find Kenniswerf, a breeding ground for innovation and renewal. At the Kenniswerf, we combine our strengths to find answers to tomorrow’s challenges and create a future-proof world. With a strong focus on food, water, and energy transition, we offer innovative companies from various sectors a chance to innovate and develop new activities. Come by the Changemakers Pavilion and learn more about the future vision and discover the possibilities of Kenniswerf.

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The energy transition from natural gas to green hydrogen is a significant development against climate change. Yara, a world leader in fertilizer production, is strongly committed to realizing this transition. By promoting the production of green hydrogen, they contribute to reducing CO2 emissions and a more sustainable future for all of us. At the pavilion, they will tell you more about their developments in the field of energy transition.

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Omexom is the knowledge bearer in the field of high and medium voltage installations. As the energy transition is accelerating, we like to collaborate with partners to provide the best solutions. We do this in various disciplines such as advice, design, construction, commissioning, and maintenance. Omexom is not only active in the Zeeland and West Brabant regions. In various regions in the Netherlands, we are ready to relieve our customers of challenges in high voltage.

At the Changemakers Pavilion, you will find us with:

Omexom Institute: In 2022, the Omexom Institute in Assen officially opened its doors as a training center for the energy sector. It offers companies and individuals the opportunity to strengthen skills and meet the need to train new talents with high-voltage expertise. A high-voltage station has been replicated at the Omexom Institute, so the courses are given in both a practical and theoretical manner. More information about the Omexom Institute can be found at

Virtual reality: Safety is most important to us in high voltage. To create safety awareness, Omexom uses virtual reality. Realistic scenarios are simulated in a virtual environment to train safety and become acquainted with risky situations.

Omicron: At the Get Unlocked event, we demonstrate our expertise with the Omicron test case. Curious? Feel free to come and take a look at our specialist.

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Olmenveld Vakanties

Olmenveld Vakanties is also featured as a value creator at the Value Creators Pavilion and is participating in the Boost the Grid challenge. With their focus on sustainability, they strive to operate the holiday park in an energy-neutral manner and aim to be self-sufficient in terms of water and energy management in the long run. As pioneers in sustainable recreation, they have already implemented various measures, such as the use of Bio Propane, green electricity, and solar energy. They continue to strive to minimize environmental impact and promote sustainable business practices.


O-Nexus participates in the Boost the Grid challenge with their innovation, the HEMS (Home Energy Management System), and will tell you all about it at the Value Creators Pavilion. With their focus on the built environment, particularly homes, they balance and optimize energy flows in the short term. Dynamic energy and power regulation reduces the strain on the electricity grid and decreases CO2 consumption and energy costs. The HEMS optimizes energy consumption and delivered power based on solar energy production, hourly rates, and network load. This results in reliable and affordable energy for residents and reduces grid congestion for network operators.

Agri Snellaad

AgriSnellaad, part of the CZAV Mobility Group, proudly stands as a value creator at the Value Creators Pavilion. AgriSnellaad has been investing in an extensive charging infrastructure network in Zeeland for several years. With more than 650 charging stations spread over about 450 locations, AgriSnellaad is the market leader in the region. Their ambition is to operate more than 5,000 charging stations by 2030. In addition, AgriSnellaad acts as network manager for the majority of the charging infrastructure in Zeeland. With their strong focus on sustainable mobility, they contribute to the energy transition in the province.

Additionally, AgriSnellaad is also participating in the Boost the Grid challenge, where they offer innovative solutions for smart use of the electricity network. With their expertise and commitment, they contribute to the development of a reliable and resilient electricity network for the future.


ENAPPSYS is a pan-European energy market data provider. With offices in various countries, including the Netherlands, they provide energy producers, grid operators, and end-users with valuable insights. They have an extensive dataset of the Dutch market and work together with renowned clients such as TenneT, PZEM, Vattenfall, Essent, and Eneco.

In addition to their services in the field of market data, ENAPPSYS also has a strong interest in network data. They specifically focus on the increasing congestion in the Dutch electricity network and its impact on prices and balance in the energy market. They strive to provide flexibility in these challenging circumstances and find solutions to strengthen the electricity network.

ENAPPSYS also features as a value creator at the Value Creators Pavilion and participates in the Boost the Grid challenge. With their expertise and commitment, they contribute to innovative solutions for a reliable and resilient electricity network.

Fractal Energy

Fractal Energy SAS is a French startup founded in 2021 by Fabien BERGER and Jérôme BARBOU. Since its inception, the company has already raised 2 million euros in funding through shares and grants, including grants from the French innovation challenge “I-Lab” worth 375,000 euros. The company is developing the Flex Kit, the first Plug&Play integrated home battery for households, which allows regulating household electricity consumption based on real-time information (via smart meters and a user interface app) and energy storage (capacity of 1 kWh). The Flex Kit enables households to shift their energy consumption to other times of the day, thereby reducing the costs and CO2 emissions of the consumed kilowatt-hour and addressing one of the main issues of renewable energy: the variation in availability. It is the first consumer solution that is easy to use and install, without the intervention of an installer.

Fractal Energy SAS is also one of the value creators at the Value Creators Pavilion and participates in the Boost the Grid challenge.

Own Greens

Owngreens is an innovative company that focuses on ‘vertical farming’ and the indoor cultivation of edible crops. With advanced cultivation methods and sustainable approaches, they contribute to more efficient food production and an environmentally friendly agricultural system. As a Value Creator at the Value Creators Pavilion and participant in the Boost the Grid challenge, they present their revolutionary solution and technology.

By using hydroponics and LED lighting, Owngreens optimizes crop growing conditions, allowing them to provide fresh and healthy products all year round. In addition, Owngreens plays an active role in optimizing energy flows and supporting the electricity grid. With their expertise and smart systems, they contribute to a more efficiently functioning energy network. Visitors to the Value Creators Pavilion can get acquainted with Owngreens’ sustainable approach and draw inspiration from their vision and innovative solutions in the field of food production and energy management.


Water2Energy is a trailblazing value creator at the Value Creators Pavilion. This innovative initiative focuses on the development of renewable energy solutions using hydropower. Their projects are aimed at harnessing the power of waves, tides, and river currents to generate clean/sustainable energy. At the Get Unlocked event, they will tell all about the tidal turbine that stands in the KAAP for maintenance and research and share their vision on sustainability and energy transition. Visit Water2Energy in the KAAP and discover how Water2Energy is shaping the future of renewable energy and contributing to a more sustainable world.


At Bluekens Truck and Bus, we work together for progress, ensuring that our customers can drive and keep driving. Bluekens Truck and Bus is an official dealer of Volvo Trucks, Volvo Bus, Renault Trucks, and Renault Trucks commercial vehicles. We are also a trusted partner for many public transport and coach companies. About 15 years ago, Bluekens started pioneering with electric solutions. Today, we have opened a Zero Emission Knowledge Center in Breda, where Bluekens not only provides customers with vehicle solutions but also offers services such as Energy Scan and Fleet Scan. During Get Unlocked, take a look at our Renault Master E-Tech and ask Wesley Aaldijk any questions you have about electrifying transportation!


For over 50 years, Illuxtron has been passionately committed to innovative LED lighting. They have in-depth knowledge of their products and strive for improvement every day. As a 100% Zeeland-based company, they develop their products in Zeeland and assemble them in social workplaces, ensuring that innovation is always close by. Curious about how LED lighting can contribute to the energy transition? Visit Illuxtron at the Changemakers Pavillion and be inspired by the latest technologies and sustainable solutions.


Een goed verlichte wereld met minimale impact op mens en natuur. Dat is waar LI-Sports voor staat. LI sports is dé specialist op het gebied van duurzame verlichting voor sportaccommodaties. Met hun jarenlange ervaring in de verlichtingsbranche, voorzien ze wekelijks talloze sportverenigingen van de perfecte lichtoplossing voor hun accommodatie. Op het Changemakers Pavillion vertellen ze je graag meer over hun duurzame verlichting.


This company is one of the “Changemakers” contributing to the energy transition. With innovative ideas and sustainable solutions, they are making their mark towards a greener future. Stay tuned for more information about their specific contribution. Visit us on June 15th at the Changemakers Pavillion to personally discover how they are shaping the energy transition. Stay tuned!


As a Changemakers at the Changemakers Pavillion, Zeeuwind is committed to a sustainable future in Zeeland, accelerating the energy transition. Since 1987, they have been dedicated to this mission in collaboration with their members. As pioneers in sustainable energy, they strive for innovations that are accessible to everyone. They value local involvement and collaboration with the community and businesses in the vicinity. This allows them to contribute to sustainable developments and share the benefits with the community. Zeeuwind provides support and assistance to local initiatives and seeks partnerships with companies and the government in Zeeland. Their ultimate goal is to achieve sustainable and fair energy for everyone.


e-RS is a Belgian/Dutch tech start-up that offers comprehensive and innovative charging solutions for medium to large parking areas. At e-RS, we are committed to sustainability, which is why we provide future-proof charging solutions that are easily managed and updated through a central Charging Park Management Unit. Combined with weather-resistant enclosures and a smart energy management system, e-RS ensures years of worry-free charging.


H4A takes on every challenge in the field of construction and infrastructure works. The synergy of their expertise ensures complete peace of mind and a professional approach. Check out the RolliE at the Changemakers Pavillion, H4A’s 100% electric roller used in their asphalt works. That’s how they make green progress at H4A!

HZ university of applied sciences

This company is one of the “Changemakers” contributing to the energy transition. With innovative ideas and sustainable solutions, they are making their mark towards a greener future. Stay tuned for more information about their specific contribution. Visit us on June 15th at the Changemakers Pavillion to personally discover how they are shaping the energy transition. Stay tuned!


ReGreenBlades is offering a completely circular environmentally friendly solution to recycle wind turbine blades made of epoxy resin, aiming to minimize waste and promote sustainability in the renewable energy industry and sell the good quality recycled carbon fibers out of it to the second-hand industries.

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Oliehandel Dekker

Dekker BV has been a household name in Zeeland for 50 years. In addition to our sustainable fuels and CO2-neutral propane, we assist businesses in transitioning to renewable energy. We provide comprehensive solutions in the field of electric charging and hydrogen.

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Impuls Zeeland


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