During Get Unlocked | The Food Edition, the Changemakers Pavilion is the meeting point for pioneers, innovators, and visionaries in the food transition. Here, you will encounter various startups, scale-ups, and innovative companies presenting and offering tastings of their groundbreaking products and services. It is the place to get inspired, network, and engage with the people behind the innovations.

Are you curious about the latest developments in the food transition? Or do you want to learn how you, as an entrepreneur, can contribute to a more sustainable food industry? The Changemakers Pavilion has something for everyone and is a must-visit for anyone who feels connected to the food transition.

The Changemakers Pavilion is open after the Experiences and during the Get Connected networking cocktail.

Come visit on June 18 and discover the Changemakers Pavilion for yourself! Want to make sure you don’t miss anything? Then sign up now for the Get Unlocked | The Food Edition event.


Meet the makers

De Pasta Bende

De Pasta Bende consists of companies and organizations with a shared mission to create a shorter (and therefore more local) and waste-free food chain. The members supply residual streams of vegetables & fruits and local grains, from which Sophyn Greens makes delicious artisanal pasta. This way, we ensure that almost no nutrients are lost, and you are sneakily eating a bit more vegetables & fruits.

Additionally, we give a nod to how pasta ‘should be’, setting a new standard together for how pasta ‘can also be’.

About De Pasta Bende.

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Searoop JB Diesch

Searoop® is an organic homemade lemonade syrup from Zeeland made with freshly squeezed organic apples, dune herbs, and botanical herbs. Deliciously refreshing with (sparkling) water, in a cocktail or a mocktail, and great as a dressing in a salad.

Searoop is made with care and respect for nature. Having a small footprint is very important to us. Freshly squeezed apple juice is the base of Searoop, which is why this syrup is low in sugar and vegan. Botanical herbs and extracts from dune herbs provide extra layered and unique flavors.

About JB Diesch & Searoop.

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With their rich knowledge and experience, yet with a young enthusiastic team, KV-Techniek has now evolved into a specialist in process automation with robots. This specialized work ranges from design to programming and installation. They offer their clients customized solutions, cost savings, and thus a continuously efficient and reliable production process that meets current safety standards. KV-Techniek b.v. was founded in 2002 and is very active in the technical and industrial sector as an automator of production processes. The work takes place within the petrochemical, metal construction, and food industries.

About KV Techniek.

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Sophyn Greens

At Sophyn Greens, vegetables and fruits are central. It’s widely known that vegetables and fruits are healthy, yet we still don’t eat enough of them. By using vegetables and fruits as a base in food products, we unconsciously eat more vegetables and fruits every day.

That’s why at Sophyn Greens they refresh existing products with a handful of fresh vegetables and fruits. Or they develop new products so you can enjoy vegetables and fruits even more often.

About Sophyn Greens.

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Ocean Ceramics

Ocean Ceramics has developed a unique processing method that makes it the only company in the world capable of transforming mussel shells into a new raw material. With this circular raw material, we create unique and sustainable ceramics for high-end restaurants.

About Ocean Ceramics.

Ocean Ceramics

Seaburger brings the sea to you: delicious burgers and crispy snacks with the taste of Zeeland. We prepare them for you with the finest ingredients from the sea and the Scheldt, such as shrimp, mussels, oysters, samphire, and seaweed. Naturally healthy and irresistibly tasty. You’ll find our honest burgers and snacks on the menu more and more often, so dig in!

About Seaburger

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Koop, eet en beleef lokaal

The mission of Koop, eet, and beleef lokaal is simple: “We bring regional products back to the heart of our tables and events, where we can collectively enjoy all the wonderful things our region has to offer. We connect local producers and entrepreneurs who work with local products, so that they can grow and thrive together.”

About Koop, eet en beleef lokaal

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At oostaMo, we enable you to drink more water with our flagship product, WaterMates—small bags filled with dried plants and flowers that add a surprisingly pleasant flavor to your water bottle. Experience a purely natural taste, from sweet to sour, free of sugar, calories, or additives. Our ingredients are sourced through a short, transparent supply chain, ensuring higher levels of quality and sustainability. Our complimentary mobile app supports you in building new, healthy drinking mini-habits.

About oostaMo


Indulge in the ultimate pleasure of the finest, freshest, and sustainably sourced shellfish and turbot. Cultivated in Oosterschelde spring water. Salty and pure, that’s the taste you’ll savor! Seafarm is a European leader in trading our own oysters and razor clams and farming turbot.

About Seafarm

HAS green academy

HAS green academy is the knowledge institution where everyone with a passion for the green domain can continually develop to contribute optimally to a future in which there is sufficient healthy food in a healthy living environment.

As an explorer from, for and with the green sector, HAS green academy brings momentum and progress. The size and complexity of the social issues in the field of agriculture, food and the living environment call for new answers and new solutions. HAS actively seeks connections and opportunities to this end. Opportunities it capitalises on through entrepreneurship, inclusivity and curiosity.

About HAS green academy

Impuls Zeeland

Do you want to innovate and work on the future of your business? Impuls Zeeland will help you. With our knowledge, a broad network and years of experience, we help companies realize their plans. From the elaboration and development of innovative ideas to the investment. Are your ambitions boundless and do you want to start exporting? Even then we can help you. This way, your company will be ready for the future. Wondering what we can do for you? Meet us at the Makers Pavilion.

About Impuls Zeeland

Zeeuwsche Zoute

In Roman times, salt was extracted from the sea in Zeeland. This grew into a craft in the Middle Ages. After several years of research, salt refinery Zeeuwsche Zoute® is reviving this old tradition. New variants of the ancient product are now available: Pure, Smoked, and in combination with Samphire, Wakame, and Black Garlic.

About Zeeuwsche Zoute

FoodDelta Zeeland

The Zeeland food sector is working towards the future. We do this together as a network under the name FoodDelta Zeeland. The entire food chain—from raw materials, cultivation & husbandry, processing & manufacturing, to retail & hospitality, and all associated services—can be found in Zeeland. There is a wide variety of food from both the sea and the land. Typically Zeeland.

Together, we have the ambition to further develop Zeeland, with its strong food heritage, into an innovative model region for the future. We achieve this by working collaboratively in an innovation network of companies, knowledge institutions, and governments through an innovation program focused on future themes. Parties both within and outside Zeeland can contribute to this effort: join the future of food!

About FoodDelta Zeeland


As an entrepreneur, you want to take the next step. Dockwize helps you to do just that! With a tailored program, innovative challenges, and high-profile events. Establish your business in our inspiring hub, buzzing with energy. Or rent one of our (flex)workspaces, warehouses, meeting rooms, or test and demo facilities.

Dockwize has been around for over 12 years and we are the largest entrepreneurial and innovation hub in Zeeland. We love to take action, and this has proven itself many times with significant contributions to the Zeeland innovation climate. We don’t do this alone, but with the entire Dockwize community. So what are you waiting for? Join us and UNLOCK YOUR POTENTIAL!

About Dockwize


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Are you a Maker?

Present your innovative products or solutions at the Makers’ Pavilion. During Get Unlocked | The Food Edition, entrepreneurs, students, and governments come together here. You have the opportunity to showcase your contribution to the food transition to a wide audience. Want to know more? Please contact Kitty van Aken.