Selection for Boost the Grid announced

Stichting Zeeuwse Publieke Belangen (SZPB) and innovation hub Dockwize invited innovative entrepreneurs, research institutions, educational institutions, municipalities, and consulting firms in July 2022 to help think of solutions to optimally use our electricity grid. In recent months, twelve parties had the opportunity to further develop their project plans. An impressive nine (!) parties have now advanced to the second round and stand a chance to receive 50% to 70% financing and additional guidance.

Selectie boost the grid

About the challenge

Both the demand for electricity and its new supply are increasing faster than the current electricity grid can handle. People are working hard to create a larger grid, but we need to do this in a smart way; otherwise, the grid will become too heavy and expensive, and energy bills will rise unnecessarily. In the challenge named ‘Boost the Grid,’ Stichting Zeeuwse Publieke Belangen and Innovation Hub Dockwize join forces and challenge parties to prevent grid congestion.

Selection of parties

In October 2022, twelve parties were selected to further develop their project plans. These plans were assessed on several crucial points, such as the degree of novelty, quality, budget, and the level of progress and impact. Nine companies have now advanced to the second round of the Boost the Grid challenge. Work group member Martin Martens (chair of the Taskforce Stichting Zeeuwse Publieke Belangen) has full confidence: “This challenge will help us optimally use the current energy system and prevent grid congestion!”. In June, it will be announced which parties will be awarded funding.

These are the nine parties that have advanced:

  • Onexus
  • Enappsys
  • Owngreens
  • Olmenveld Vakanties
  • Fractal Energy
  • Soltegro
  • Agri Snellaad
  • NTX Duurzaam
  • Smart Energy Hub Poortvliet

Boost the grid challenge dockwize energie congestie


The Boost the Grid Challenge final event will take place at Dockwize on June 15th. Will you be there?



Jeroen van Oijen

Program Manager