Campfire Talks | HZ University of Applied Sciences

During the HZ Campfire Talks, you’ll find yourself in a dark forest, engaging in small group discussions around the campfire about the energy transition in Zeeland. If you have ideas, are looking for like-minded individuals or potential collaborators, this is the moment to start a conversation with students, HZ alumni, and other entrepreneurs and professionals who are interested in the energy transition.

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VR-Experience | Scalda Winddock 

Discover the thrilling VR-experience from Scalda Winddock at Get Unlocked! If you opt for this experience, you can participate in a virtual tour of an Offshore Wind Turbine. The expert staff of Scalda Winddock are ready to provide information about the wind technician training program at Scalda. In addition, they offer information about collaboration opportunities between companies and Scalda. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain a unique insight into the wind industry and the possibilities that Scalda has to offer.

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Expertsession Charge 2 Grid Lab | AgriSnelllaad

The growing number of electric cars and the associated charging infrastructure can heavily burden the electricity grid. AgriSnellaad, an operator of charging infrastructure in Zeeland, sees this as an opportunity to tackle congestion problems. Are you an expert in charging infrastructure or smart (charging) solutions? Or are you an electric driver with great ideas? Then join this experience!

Please note: This expert session lasts 90 minutes and cannot be combined with another experience. Other experiences last 45 minutes.

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Energy Transition Panel Discussion | Rabobank

The energy transition is one of the most important societal issues at this moment and for the coming years. To have a constructive discussion, it is useful to have certain basic knowledge. For instance, what exactly is the energy transition? And what are the specific goals? Discover this in this experience with Sanne de Boer, energy transition analyst and author of ‘the energy transition explained’. Join the panel discussion with the likes of Zeeland Refinery and Ørsted to get answers and work together towards a cleaner and sustainable future.

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Energy Saving | Impuls Zeeland

Boost your business with the energy saving experience from Impuls! This experience is specially designed for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and focuses on industrial processes. Learn from experts, view examples and discover similar cases. During the interactive experience, Impuls will personally discuss with you as an entrepreneur to further develop cases. Sign up now and make a difference in your business!

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EnergyXchange | Dockwize

Unlock innovation together with Dockwize! Participate in this unique experience and bring your intellectual capacity and valuable network to find innovative solutions for energy-related issues. Help ecommit and Stichting Strandexploitatie Veere live and on the spot in taking the next step in their energy transition challenge. Your contribution as an entrepreneur, start-up, student or professional is invaluable for realizing sustainable and groundbreaking solutions. What are you waiting for? We need to get to work!

Question ecommit:
How can we compensate more CO2 in Zeeland with Zeeland CO2 certificates? Are you curious about the business model behind certificates and what this can mean for your business? Collaborate with ecommit and get answers to your CO2 questions by participating in this experience.

Question Stichting Strandexploitatie Veere:
Think along on how we can make the beaches of Veere more sustainable, become fully CO2 neutral by 2030 and improve logistic processes.

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Makers Pavilion

In addition to an experience, you can also meet the Makers at the Makers Pavilion. The Makers Pavilion is the meeting place for creators, innovators, and visionaries in the field of sustainability and energy transition during the Get Unlocked innovation event. Here you will find various startups, scale-ups, and innovative companies presenting their products and services. This is the ideal opportunity to come up with new ideas, network, and talk to the people behind the innovations.

Please note: The Makers Pavilion is open all afternoon, so you can also meet the Makers during the social gathering.

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