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Zeeuwind Innovation Challenge

The Zeeuwind and Dockwize Innovation Challenge challenged participants to come up with innovative solutions that ensure all Zeeland residents can participate in the energy transition.

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Looking back at a successful challenge

In January 2021, Zeeuwind and Dockwize launched the Zeeuwind Innovation Challenge 2021. The goal of this challenge was to encourage (starting) entrepreneurs, students, SMEs, and residents to come up with innovative solutions for generating renewable energy in Zeeland without compromising the distinctive Zeeland landscape.

Diversity of participants and submissions

The challenge received an overwhelming response with 21 registrations from various participants, ranging from architects to campsite owners and from young students to established entrepreneurs. The submitted ideas were very diverse and practically applicable, from small-scale vertical wind turbine projects to large-scale Zeeland climate homes and sustainable gravel roads that purify household wastewater.

Challenge Weeks and evaluation by the jury

After an initial selection round, nine candidates were invited to the ‘Challenge Weeks,’ where they were guided by Dockwize coaches and Zeeuwind experts in further developing their solutions. They then had to convince a versatile jury of their unique plans.

Winners and prizes

Jos Westerbeke from Camping Olmenveld won the Zeeuwind Innovation Challenge 2021 with his comprehensive plan for a covered parking area with solar panels and charging stations for electric cars. He received a prize of 30,000 euros in vouchers to further develop his idea. The encouragement prize went to the young brothers Guido and Leon Pladdet from Lodewijk College for their ‘Wind-en Waterwokkel’ concept. They can count on support from Zeeuwind and Dockwize in further developing their idea.


During this innovation event, the focus is entirely on the theme of energy transition. Professionals, experts, and stakeholders are taken on a vibrant program full of inspiring keynotes and demos from ambitious entrepreneurs and will actively work on the energy transition during various ‘Get Unlocked Experiences’ in and around Dockwize.

As a grand finale, we will announce the results of the Boost the Grid challenge. In this challenge, 6 participants will still be in the race with an innovative solution for the grid congestion issue. During the final on June 15th, the project applications that will be supported by the Zeeuwse Publieke Belangen Foundation will be announced.

In short: an event to share knowledge, network, and exchange ideas about the future of energy. We look forward to meeting you!

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